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step into the world of luxurious fashion with the casablanca ls silk shirt l'envol, an exquisite piece from casablanca's elegant collection. this shirt is recognized for its exceptional design and features:

  • material: crafted from premium silk, the ls silk shirt l'envol offers a sumptuous feel and a graceful drape. the silk fabric is chosen for its smooth texture and lustrous appearance, enhancing the shirt's luxurious quality.
  • design: the shirt features the unique l'envol design, a testament to casablanca's artistic vision and attention to detail. its design incorporates vibrant colors and intricate patterns, embodying a blend of classic elegance and contemporary fashion.
  • details: every aspect of the shirt, from its fluid silhouette to the meticulous construction, showcases casablanca's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. the shirt's design elements make it a standout piece in any wardrobe.
  • origin: as a creation from casablanca, the ls silk shirt l'envol reflects the brand's ethos of creating fashion that merges artistic expression with luxury. it represents the brand's dedication to crafting garments that are both aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality.

Benjamin is 188cm, wears M.


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