What is ANSH46? 

"I believe we are not selling clothing. In my opinion, we are actually not selling at all" (owner, quote). Of course all items are for sale, but the way we present it doesnt' feel like ‘selling’. Our team is what differs ANSH46 from any other ‘store’. It consists of energetic, informed and dedicated individuals who harmoniously work together. Mixing cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles, ANSH46 is a melting pot of information and a true representation of Rotterdam as a city. Furthermore it translates into our brand portfolio, seeking a healthy combination of younger designers with a unique story, cultural brands, elevated brands and established Maisons such as Jacquemus, Margiela, Jil Sander, Rick Owens and LOEWE. We connect these brands to our people, making our ethos unique. 

Ultimately, it is the connection and conversation that thrives us to make a difference. We think ‘clothing’ is a tangible and definable end-product which makes conversations to others easier, a tool. There is a lot of passion and understanding involved. ANSH46 is a space where we focus on gaining trust by the conversations we have. Style and fashion changes, it is our mission to include people and make them understand how brands differ in shapes.
It is our goal to make sure people understand better brands’ narratives, silhouettes and materials so they can make better judgments and enjoy the beauty of this knowledge. This results in loyalty and appreciation by connecting people intrinsically to a brand or designer. 

The beauty of growth or evolution is mirrored in the way people change their minds and perspectives. This not only happens in fashion, we see this in the uprising of technologies and habits that become lifestyles. Changing rhythms and the way we dress is part of this change. We make sure we are part of people’s lives by strengthening their confidence to make their own decisions. We often see how the outside perspective targets mass behavior, discouraging people to be themselves and grow. We want to make sure ANSH46 resembles the way fashion showcases the good in change. 

We intend to build a community where people trust us by constantly being in conversation with them. We connect products and humans. When building this relationship from intrinsic belief, we invite people to reconnect to their decisions, their interpretation of life, art, design and fashion.  

Our logo is a circulating globe in movement to point out global vision and evolution. Obviously our location can be determined on latitude and longitude but our mission is beyond. The color blue represents loyalty, trust and evolution. ANSH46 was born in 2009.

ANSH46's mission is to bridge this gap by not only giving the public the necessary tools to understand the intricacies of each item, but to also create a space where people cohesively enjoy all fields of design together.  For example, the ANSH46 CAFÉ in our Eindhoven store. A distinguished and cohesive conversation on design. The Japanese influences in oak wood, artworks and the design of the menu for example. The conceptual approach for serving coffee in our handmade ceramics, making use of our own developed oak wood trays, while being seated on VITRA x Prouvé furniture. 

We’re not selling coffee, but you can buy it.