It felt as the right momentum for both Daily paper and us to start working together. The brand evolved into an International established and respected brand and really focusses on a more fashion oriented silhouette. This obviously aligns with our approach and this was the initial starting point for a collaboration, a part from embracing we’re both Dutch businesses in fashion which so far has been a rarity for ANSH46. In order to translate the comic book Dp created as starting point and redline throughout the collection, 2 characters of this book we’re chosen to be part of the collaborative t-shirt. We added 2 ANSH46 elements to this in the form of a Bonsai tree (which can be found inside the store and refers to the connection in Japanese culture and taste) and a re-interpretation of our Globe logo, both matching the comic books’ style and graphic language. People were invited to create their own tee. By using a heat press, the foils could be placed in different sizes and ways to create your own tee. They were sold out in a weekend and it was great fun.