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With an ever-increasing demand for constant consumption within the fashion industry, it has become apparent that the fashion retail sector is becoming one of the top environmental polluters. Fashion enthusiasts around the world are steadily consuming less new items and are turning their attention towards the archival and second-hand market.

ANSH46 archive is an extensition of ANSH46 and the evolution of fashion retail. It will offer VIP customers the opportunity to sell or consign their vintage and pre-owned designer garments, and help them find a new home. Archive will be a melting pot for sought after and rare historical designer items.

We believe that design is not bound by the concept of time. You are wearing an idea. An idea that was conceived at a specific moment. An idea that will forever be frozen in time, with the garment as physical proof of that. By extending the fashion life cycle of garments released in previous seasons, we hope to build and educate a community around forgotten and underappreciated garments. 

Find out more about ANSH46 archive and how to become part of our community here