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  • Plexiglass house

    Yet to consist within space, to create space and to offer view on space. Transparency that offers aesthetic consciousness to installations, art projects and other forms of emotional value. Inspired by the ‘Farnsworth House’.

  • Artificial Grass field

    Sports are in our DNA and artificial grass is a recognizable reference to us. Furthermore, it adds color and diversity of materials to our physical space. 

  • EM table Prouvé + Standard chair Prouvé

    Tentamount approach on a building and table with a fundamental purpose to functionalism. The Vitra x Jean Prouvé EM Table and Standard Chairs best define our focus on Architecture and Furniture design. Produced out of flawless oak in 2002.


  • Men

    A selection of brands that align with our vision to offer full experience and detailed dedication. We believe our fore fronting vision and self belief creates a balance of trustworthy brands. 

  • Women

    We draw our attention to self-confident women that dare to be leaders. Translating fashion at an early stage and taking people to a higher level of education.

  • Glass presentation space

    Supporting the space, installations and the Plexiglass house by its position and dimension. Literally devides the space into 2 sections.

  • Noodle bar

    Japanese influences guide us. We challenge the spectator with an overwhelming feeling and through misunderstanding. Paired with every purchase, a Ramen Bar coupon is gifted, creating an opportunity to enjoy noodles in an unusual space. Adding spatial elements that start dialogue.

  • Gaming section

    A dialogue for new media, gaming, design, business, architectural approach, entertainment schedules and fun. Revolutionary functionality.

  • Oak accessories wall

    Flawless oak veneer wall consistent to the EM table Prouve Vitra to connect both elements to the space. This wall literally lifts and connects the presented items up to a point a rustic and luxe feeling reaches you. It balances the space and presents superflat artists.