This capsule collection unifies our shared vision, brought together under one roof. As two pillars of the city of Rotterdam, we carry the responsibility to educate and inspire. This collection is driven by the importance of collaboration and togetherness in every day life. The merge of both houses resembles this through-out the imagination of our future generations.

A form of synergy, redefining meaningful goals in life through-out product. Embracing the thought of creating opportunities together while facing challenges. Banlieue and ANSH46 shares the ambition to reinforce these thoughts and become a reliable source of inspiration in our community. 

Combining Banlieue’s street approach together with ANSH46’s high-end aesthetic, this collection resulted in a four-piece collection that pushes the boundaries for both parties. 

Showcasing a mature yet playful approach to design resulting in a pair of carpenter jeans, a mini puffy bag and a t-shirt. Playful elements come to life in the varsity jacket, which embodies the ‘FUTURE BUILDING’ story - where both establishments have worked on a surrealistic building of the future that is accessible for everyone.


Prior to the release of the capsule collection, we’ve embraced our community focussed on the future generation. Future building starts with education, so we decided to organize a ‘Future Building Day’ with children and their parents at social maker space ‘Bouwkeet’ in Rotterdam. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 had the opportunity to draw and build their own ‘dream’ house, in which their creative minds could run free with all their imaginaries of what a house may represent. The images below show how two generations (parents and their children) enjoyed the pleasure of co-creating. The final product being the result of a thoughtful process. Although they may have differing views on the definition of a ‘house’, what the future might bring can be shaped together.