Seller FAQ

I. How much will I receive?

Under €300 = 65%
€300 to €999 = 70%
€999 to €2500 = 75%
€2500 and up = 80%

For example, a Rick Owens Ramones SS22 sold for €400 will be paid out for 30% of said €400 = €280. For store credit, we add a 20% bonus (so a normal €280 payout would be equivalent to €336 in store credit). 

II. How do we price our items?

Our team is constantly doing research on the market for a better view on what an item might be valued at. Once we have decided on what listing price can be, we will contact the consignor/seller with an offer. The consignor/seller can either choose to receive a cash payout or a more attractive payout in the form of ANSH46 store credit

III. How soon do I receive my commission?

Everytime an item gets sold, you get paid! This will be done via iDeal, cash or store credit deposit on your ANSH46 account. Direct sales will be paid out the moment the submission has been received and approved, and consignment sales will be paid out on a weekly basis.

IV. How can I check the status of my listings?

Checking on your items is easy and requires little to no effort. Simply enter your email address into the search box and you will be able to see ALL of your listings.

V. What happens if my items don't pass authentification?

If the item you have submitted arrives with undisclosed damage, unclean or fails to pass our authentication process, it will be shipped back to you, and you will be charged a return fee €58. All unwanted items will be repurposed or donated to a good cause.

VI. What are the additional costs of selling the items through ANSH46 ARCHIVE?

There will be no additional costs. When an item has been sold, we take our earnings on the commission. No cure, no pay :) The only potential costs are the shipping of the items to us.

Buyer FAQ

I. Are the goods checked on Authenticity?

Yes, all goods are inspected by experts and quality and authenticity has been approved before offering online.

II. Can I return my purchase? 

Yes, you will have 7 days after receipt of the goods to return them. Please send it at your own costs to:

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 99
3012 GS Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Please keep all original tags in order to maintain the right to return. We need to know the item was not worn or might not be returned authentic. Once received , reviewed and inspected successfully, we will immediately refund the amount. Please take note, all refunds are done in STORE CREDIT only.

III. Can I send my preferred items to ANSH46 ARCHIVE, and how does this work?

Please find the 'Consignment agreement’ through this link.. We currently offer this to NL habitants only. We’re hoping to offer this internationally soon.


Please allow 1 - 2 business days for your purchases to be shipped. All items worth over €750 will require a signature upon delivery. Shipments for NL customers will be processed through DHL Parcel or FedEx. For international shoppers, packages will be sent via FedEx Express. Please note, FedEx does not ship to P.O. boxes. All garments will be checked, inspected and dry cleaned before sending to the buyer.



Any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us through: