discover the epitome of understated luxury with the Jil Sander Logo T-Shirt in Heavy Cotton, a perfect representation of the brand's minimalist yet impactful design ethos.

  • material: this T-shirt is crafted from heavy cotton, providing a premium feel and lasting durability. The heavy cotton fabric ensures a comfortable fit while maintaining a structured silhouette.
  • design: the tee features a timeless design with a focus on clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Its simplicity is its strength, allowing for versatile styling options and making it a staple in any contemporary wardrobe.
  • details: adorned with the subtle Jil Sander logo, this T-shirt strikes a balance between branding and the brand's signature understated style. Its classic crew neck and short sleeves make it ideal for layering or wearing on its own.
  • origin: epitomizing Jil Sander's commitment to high-quality materials and refined simplicity, this logo T-shirt in heavy cotton is a testament to the brand's dedication to modern, minimalist fashion.

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